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UI designer job offer in Hungary

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 16, 2015, 1:01 AM
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Kiloo's Hungarian department is looking for UI designers as full time employees. I work for them and quite content with my working circumstances. =)
If you are up to join

You'll need the following
  • Strong Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills
  • Exellent freehand drawing skills
  • Basic designer knowledge
  • Conversational level English skills

You have to send an English CV and a motivational letter. Portfolio should be either attached to the email or linked in the CV.

Contact: Signe Joergenses:

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The Hungarian comic group :icon5panels I joined 4 years ago will be 5 years old. It is an invitation for that. ^^

Hungarian only
"Szeptember 24-én ismét születésnapot ünneplünk, ugyanis e hónapban van a 5Panels alapításának ötödik évfordulója. Budapesten, a kArton Galériában, a 18 órakor kezdődő KépregényKedvelők Klubjában mesélünk az elmúlt év eseményeiről, jövőbeli terveinkről, amelyre minden érdeklődöt szeretettel várunk! Facebook eseményünket itt követhetitek:…

Az EpicLine Magazin Epicliners 2015 díjátadója is ezen az eseményen várható."

Birthday flyer by cobayanigiri
art and text by :iconcobayanigiri:


Some personal project info.
I started to do the lettering for the remaining comic pages and have the pencilsketch for the last page. If I can work on it just a little every evening (which is sadly not very likely though) maybe I can finish it next weekend the latest. I hope so. ^^
Hi I'm on holiday till 25th. I'll take my time and get through answers and deviations when I'm back. =]

Manga Studio 5 for 15$ now!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 12, 2015, 6:19 AM
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I highly reccomend you guys to buy this program! :la:…

Manga Studio (MS) - alias Clip Studio Paint Pro - beats Photoshop (PS) in many aspects and the few options what you are missing you can still get from the now free PS CS2. ;P

I rarely advertise things but I think it's a great deal! This price is ridiculously low for such a good program (especially if you compare to Adobe ones). I know many people can just "download" programs from the net, but you should seriously consider to actually buy a very useful program instead of... "getting it for free", when it's so cheap and extremely worth its price! Companies need income to keep running the business, you know. =D

MS5 compared to MS5 Ex only lacks the ability to handle multipage projects (aka full comic stories), but for drawing it's great! The lineart is flawless, the blending options are really smooth, the brush options are very versatile , it has many additional options for comic making like frames, speedlines ect. It's vector layer options means you can draw, paint, work on it while it will keep it all as a vector you can tweak any time, it's amazing! I've been using it instead of Photoshop for months now and no regrets. ^^

Go and support a good company by buying their product for a very reasonable price. ^^

P.S: Dunno why the different name, At the company we have Clip Studio, at home I have Manga Studio 5 Ex, it's the same thing really.

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Background image by AF-studios
Brushes by SummerAIR
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GivingTales App Release!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 19, 2015, 7:10 AM

Hello everybody :waves:

Project GivingTales...

FINALLY, after a year of working at GivingTales the project launched on Thursday, the first 4 tales are out! :la:
In short these are Andersen tales told by British celebrities (like Ewen McGregor, Roger Moore, Stephen Fry and so on) and 30% of the income goes to Unicef. =)
Here is a short video about it:

The first tale is for free, you can download them on GooglePlay WindowsPhone and AppleStore too. ^^
You can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube as well.
(Sir Roger Moore was really lovely by the way. Ha made the crew a short, personal thank you video. He is one of the main pillar of this project, a Unicef Embassador. ^_^)

As for my comic projects...

There was not much updates these days because all I have is sketches still. But I made a short comic a few weeks ago, as a Japanese class practice. I'm planning to ink it and translate it to English (it's Japanese only at the moment). It's matter of time though, and that I don'T have that much. =/
I'm also working on the script of the 1st chapter of the Age of Phoenix comic. :3
And a scrip for another modern Age of Phoenix comic, like the Breakfast for 2 one, it's a bit longer now and is about cats. ^^
So many things are in progress but not much I can (or more I should say want) to actually show just yet.

I'm sorry for my lack of communication, like I said I have very little time. Not sure when it will finally change....

ANYWAY, enjoy the summer, everybody! :dummy:

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IMPORTANT Info about Paypal

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 6, 2015, 4:01 AM

I won't do commissions for a while but it is for everybody to be aware of it regarding DIGITAL commissions!

This is an info from Lunareth Paypal changes, IMPORTANT

I'm going to copy paste it because she is spot on with providing the info.


I ran into an article today about Paypal changes, i believe its important for every artist and commissioner, thus read the full article carefully:…

In short:

"Paypal changed the look of how you will fill out information and send money. Thus, you need to be super careful. Don’t go all willy nilly through and be like “Yeah yeah yeah send” you need to stop when you see this screen right away.

Before you proceed, you will first notice one major thing: your address is showing. What you need to do if you are ordering a DIGITAL WORK is you need to click on your address and there around be a drop down menu of 3 (or more) options:

  • No address needed
  • Your Current Address
  • + Add a new shipping address

Be sure to select “No address needed, it is very important that you do. If you leave your address in there, Paypal will assume that you are to receive a physical package. A physical package which needs proof that exists physically. Paypal will want the artist to provide shipping labels and tracking info on said package. This is bad, very, very bad. Artists can get in trouble if they cannot provide these things.

Please, if an artist asks to send you back your money so that you can send it again correctly, do not be offended. You are paying them to do your commission, how can they do your commission with no money?"

Basically as you can see, if you leave your address there, paypal can dry buttsex us for it. I personally will link this to every commissioner, if you guys will pay attention that would save us paying the fee twice. :) (Smile)


Thank you for your attention. =)

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Kepregeny palyazat

Wed Jan 21, 2015, 3:43 AM

(Hungarian only, it's a comic application)

»Szeretnél megjelenni országos terjesztésű képregénymagazinban?
HAJRÁ! :dummy:

"EpicLiners 2015

Imádsz képregényt rajzolni?
El sem tudod képzelni, hogy ne panelekben gondolkodj?
A manga és/vagy a nyugati képregények megszállottja vagy?
Tehetségesnek tartanak, de még senki nem fedezett fel?
Szeretnéd végre egy országos lapban megmutatni magad?

Ha mindegyik kérdésre igennel válaszoltál, akkor ez a felhívás pont neked szól!

Már a kezdetektől fogva az EpicLine egyik kitűzött célja volt, hogy magyar tehetséges képregényeseknek teret engedjen.
Az első évadban 19 alkotó kapott lehetőséget, hogy megmutassa magát, közülük Molnár Gábor elnyerte tavaly az Alfabéta-díjat a Szekerce és Szemerce… első részéért.
A fentiek szellemében hirdettük meg borítópályázatunkat is, melynek győztesei hamarosan bemutatkoznak majd a magazin egy-egy számának címlapján.
Most azonban többről van szó, mint egy borítóról. Szeretnénk felkutatni azokat az alkotókat (legyen szó profi, vagy amatőr képregényalkotóról, íróról vagy rajzolóról), akik számára fontos, hogy egy országosan terjesztett kiadványban kiemelt helyet kapjon munkájuk..."


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I'm alive (and working hard)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 1:42 PM
Hey there,
the Great Nothingness have not sucked me in, I just basically have no time to either interact or draw a lot. (I got sick too, heh)
But it doesn't mean I'm idle. I have a short 4 pager standalone comic I made in August, just had to wait until it gets published in my country first. But now it's released and I have the rough English translation, just waiting for friends to beta-read it. =)

I am also working on a Christmas comic but at this point of time it seems like impossible to get it done by Christmas (only 4 pages are inked from 15 and doesn't even have the sketches for all yet). But I'm VERY determined so who knows, I MIGHT be able to finish it by New Year. If not... then I will be saaad and will put it aside until next year. (It would really suck though, lolz.)

Btw, I have plans for January too regarding comics, but later about that. ^^

And I also wanted to thank you all the emcouragement, attention, favs and especially the thoughtful comments I got! Those really helps me to keep on track and push me forward many times! Thank you! :hug:

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Hello, here is a little update.

So as you can see I'm being slow (incredibly so, uh) with the work. I just had to admit to myself that I just don't have time for commissions anymore. Not with my fulltime job, my daily life AND my stories on top of that...

So commissioned are closed for who knows how long and I will have to find other ways to get extra support (more about that later).
I'm a bit upset about it because it's always exciting to go with all the fun requests (this time wasn't an exception either, LOVE the tasks I was given :hug:)
I will finish the ones I already accepted of course. Luckily when they will be all paid, I will be very close to the 500$ goal but can't stretch myself any further no matter what.
Luckily my tablet issue got solved meanwhile and hopefully my laptop issues will be soon as well *crosses fingers*. This money will go to put back where I borrowed to buy teh tablet.

Thank you for being so patient with me, I'm terribly sorry for the delay!



Commissions are open until I reach 500$ ;)
Commission info


Thank you guys so much for the fast response! And I'm also grateful for everybody who shared the tumblr post as well! :hug:

I'll work on them one after another. Of course while waiting for feedback with one, I can work on the next one. But mostly I only have time at weekends so thanks for the pateince in advance.
I only accept the payment after I sent you the pre-sketches, the initial gesture drawings. =)

  1. :iconardwenn: - sketch series - story-board - Unpaid - :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
  2. :iconbrossuno: - lineart - DONE - Paid - :star: :star: :star:
  3. :iconheiros: - sketch - DONE - Paid - :star: :star: :star:
  4. :iconeelayne: - sketching - Unpaid - :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
You can keep an eye on the list here. =)

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So here is the journal as promised. :dummy:
In short: I'm raising founds to be able to buy a new tablet instead of my broken one. The goal is 500 USD. Commissions will be closed for now after I reach it. But no worries, I need a proper laptop as well so... probably open soon - with digital added as an option that time.
You can also support me by buying prints, ipod cases and stuff on Society6 (free shipping until Sept 14th) or Redbubble. Feel free to suggest arts from my gallery what you'd like to see there (except for commissions of course). ^^
Thanks for the help! =)


Possible Tools: pencil, pen, ink&nibs, brush, brushmarkers, liners

The prices include at least 2 "pre-sketch" pose variation that you can choose from and one change if you don't like something (only available in the sketch phase. Once accepted, I will charge for 10% for every further modification). They further contains the research and communication for I am a very throughout person with my job. :D

:bulletblue: S K E T C H

    • 20 USD
    • Size: A5 (14,5x21 cm / 5.9x8.3 in)
    • Extra character: +5 USD/char
    • Shading: +15 USD
    • NO background (maybe some implication)

COMMISSION - Manga-portrait by PagodaComics A Toothless Daydream by PagodaComics

    • 30 USD
    • Size: A4 (21x29,7 cm / 8.3x11.7 in)
    • Extra character: +10 USD/char
    • Shading: 20 USD
    • Some simple background implication, but if you need more it starts at +15USD

Peaceful by PagodaComics COM - Moon Couple (sketch) by PagodaComics COM - Maree by PagodaComics Karasu-tengu by PagodaComics Shapeshifter-n-Sorcerer by PagodaComics COM - Kuro 'n' Nae 2 by PagodaComics

:bulletblue: L I N E A R T

    • starts at 35 USD (depending on details)
    • Size: A5 (14,5x21 cm / 5.9x8.3 in)
    • Extra character: +10 USD/char
    • NO background (maybe some implication)

++It should be easy...++ by PagodaComics Snake and Rooster (line only) by PagodaComics


    • starts at 60 USD (depending on details & style)
    • Size: A4 (21x29,7 cm / 8.3x11.7 in)
    • Extra character: +15 USD/char
    • Some simple BG implication included, but if you need more it starts at +25 USD

Cat team by PagodaComics Tsubaki no Mai by PagodaComics 'You can't hide away from ME' by PagodaComics Kuroneko-Beaten by PagodaComics COM - Moon Couple by PagodaComics The Kitty and the Puppy by PagodaComics Tiger vs Dog v.2 by PagodaComics Women of Waka-shima by PagodaComics

:bulletblue: C O M I C P A G E

    • starts at 70 USD (depending on style and details)
    • Shading: +30 USD
    • Inking: +30 USD

Wrestling 04 by PagodaComicsCOVO-sample-page by PagodaComics FRAGMENTS-CatsCradle01 by PagodaComics Archers_page07 by PagodaComics Ready01 by PagodaComics Breakfast for 2 pg01 by PagodaComics

:bulletblue: C H A R A C T E R D E S I G N :new:
If you don't have a reference for your chartacter yet, I'll gladly do it in the requested style, with requested amount of details =)
The base prices contain one frontal and one back pictre. You can request more details like expressions, extra porps, different clothings/hairstyle ect, the price is to be discussed.
    • starts at 50 USD (depending on style and details)
    • Shading: +20 USD
    • Inking: +30 USD

Note that this option is highly experimental yet. But I LOVE designing characters and people had been satisfied with my job on it so far. =)
WARNING: I can't yet add colours, only after I get the tablet. but for this type colours are available to book and I'll do it after I have the tablet.
Here are some examples.
COM - Maree by PagodaComics Char sheet - Yuriko by PagodaComics Char sheet - Barako by PagodaComics Sanada Enkou by PagodaComics Angel_Leynayao by PagodaComics ARCHERS-sketch_OldTurtle by PagodaComics

:bulletblue: OFFER
  • Doing any type of characters with visual reference, FANDOM characters and ORIGINALS as well
  • Drawing emotions, characterinteraction, dynamic poses (not just generic expression or stances)
  • Doing romantic, sensual scene (with homosexual/queer characters too) as long as it is tatsteful and tame
  • Doing tasteful nudes
  • Giving you the high resolution file
  • Send you the original traditional picture if you request (shipping is 7 USD)
:bulletorange:WON'T DO
  • Deadlines: I can't promise. But I always do my best to do as fast as possible and always keep you updated.
  • Anything outside DA rules (porn, offensive ect)
  • Character with no reference (in that case, please choose  the "character design" option)
  • Fetish (maybe some tamed ones, you can ask, I don't judge people ^^)
  • Anything against my own taste or principles, but you can always try me, I'm friendly and won't bite as long as you are polite as well. = )

Paypal only~

Note me  or mail me on if you're interested
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Hello guys! =3

Since my last journal quite a lot of things had happened. I have a computer now but it's quite unstable as it is so I will have to buy a laptop eventually (any experiences about trades and strenght? It'd be a great help. thank you!)

Then I got ill during my "vacation" (which, frankly, was quite stressful for me anyway). i was laying for weeks. I'm still not fully recovered but doing welll enough. ^^
School started too and as a mommy I'm busy till late evenings after work.
But the main thing that affects my art possibilities a LOT is that I had to give back the tablet I was lent by my employers when mine broke down. I'm tabletless now. And though I'm not a digital artist only, it still limits my options greatly so I want to buy a new one a.s.a.p. The one I want is a Wacom Intuos Pro (medium) and it's 500$ in my country. So I will open emergency commissions in traditional cathegory soon (which also will mean black and white, I don't take aquarell, but monochrome brushmarkers is an option.) It won't come with discount this time (sorry XP), but it also means I won't have rectrictions either. =)
Keep an eye on it, I'll most likely announce it sometime next week, once I organize my life a bit. ^^;

See you seen, have a great weekend and keep going everybody! Thanks for your patient and relentless interest in my art. :D
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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 9:23 AM
Etsy l Facebook l tumblr l 5 Panels

Unexpectedly my computer had a breakdown and it refuses to work. So now I don't have tools for digital art and I can't scan my traditional. I also do not have internet access easily, especially not on next week when I'm away on holiday. So I just let you know that I'm not available for some while (possibly this whole month). But I'm not being idle meanwhile, you'll see once I have my tools to show it. ^^
Enjoy the summer~ :dummy:

Some feature from the previous journal =)

The Ryuu Household by Hanami-Mai Cozy by Windmaedchen Cian's Dragon by DarkSunRose

Mature Content

Lion's Roar by Laitma
Mezzaluna page 1 by wikigiuli New collections of kimono by GGDollFashions by GGDoll Aceo: Brienne Of Tarth by saniika Smurfs: Tilly and Mia by student-yuuto Illustration by raka-raka :thumb462848171: Dunkel 07 by MomoRawrr 1001 Nights of Rain-Ch 1-'Encounters'-Pg 1 by Melbourne-Cha With The flow by KameChuu Palette Challenge - 64 by White-Mantis Hathy Holidayth! by Pimpypants Wu Song kills the tiger by cobayanigiri Intense Gaze by Ninja-Turtles Rest at Cross by Heiros Bamboo by Utao Toph the Vagabond by lilsuika Jeremy Brett by instantdiamond The TEAM by Eliotchan goodbye by mooncalfe Bad Thoughts by TeaKitsune forest fairy by hazumonster SA: for SpaceCreepers by Mau-Acheron The Siren by Saetje AWM Pitch Party Entry by DemonGemini6 Rivershire by Azzedar-san

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Daily Life and Art Update =)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 14, 2014, 2:04 PM

Hello guys!

I hope your summer is going well, having a great time, vacation and all! =)
Here is a little update on me since I'm continuing to be away still.

Personal bits

I'm doing okay, graduated with grade 5 (meaning A in the US system). It was a translation, I'd like to go on to translate that book when 'Ill have more time (but September the latest).

My father had serious medical issues, he's been in hospital on and off for months but maybe he is over of the worst now. It was the main reason why I was away btw, I didn't have time and energy to communicate. I'm still behind my things, on DA I have 1500 deviations now, 69 journals, 46 replies and 2 notes to check. Sorry about that, I'm afraid I'm still not there yet.

Art & Profession

I'm working for Kiloo company (Subway Surfurs game for example) on one of their new projects, the Giving Tales. I can't give you more info yet since the website is not yet up, probably takes a few months until we will have enough to announce it but I like it more and more with every passing day. ^^
I was also offered to do a series of illustration for children's book, something I did character designs for last summer or sth and I'm very tempted to say yes but we'll see about that. I'm REALLY busy. It's just that children's books is my soft spot. ungh. >,<

  • I started to work on three. One is a short oneshot for the 5Panels team, I'm inking it at the moment. A bit slowly but surely, hehe.

  • The next one going to be an Age of Phoenix oneshot about the young Kuroneko. I have this concept for like 2 years now but never got around to finish it.

  • The 3rd is the Prey & Hunter story. It is a longer oneshot. I have the storyline, gonna start to script while I'm working on the Age of Phoenix one.
    .Prey-n-Hunter_sample_pg02 by PagodaComics Prey-n-Hunter_sample_pg05 by PagodaComics

I was asked a few times about that but I don't think I will take commissions for a long long while. I'm far too occupied with my job, daily life and my own projects. I'm sorry.
Besides I still have a few to finish and some that was just promised for some dear returning clients of mine. Some that I told I would do once I'll have some more time. :)

I'd love to do some that I agreed to do with friends ages ago but I still don't have the time yet.
Oh well, sooner or later I'll get there eventually, don't give up on me, please. :)

All in all, I'm good, a bit stressed from time to time but otherwise content with my life. I just wish I'd have more time to spend with friends and communicate with others or just do art for my own self. But it's okay, I have my plans, I'll work it out. ^^

Anyway, I wish you all great time and more freetime than I have!


The Ryuu Household by Hanami-Mai Cozy by Windmaedchen Cian's Dragon by DarkSunRose

Mature Content

Lion's Roar by Laitma
Mezzaluna page 1 by wikigiuli New collections of kimono by GGDollFashions by GGDoll Aceo: Brienne Of Tarth by saniika Smurfs: Tilly and Mia by student-yuuto Illustration by raka-raka :thumb462848171: Dunkel 07 by MomoRawrr 1001 Nights of Rain-Ch 1-'Encounters'-Pg 1 by Melbourne-Cha With The flow by KameChuu Palette Challenge - 64 by White-Mantis Hathy Holidayth! by Pimpypants Wu Song kills the tiger by cobayanigiri Intense Gaze by Ninja-Turtles Rest at Cross by Heiros Bamboo by Utao Toph the Vagabond by lilsuika Jeremy Brett by instantdiamond The TEAM by Eliotchan goodbye by mooncalfe Bad Thoughts by TeaKitsune forest fairy by hazumonster SA: for SpaceCreepers by Mau-Acheron The Siren by Saetje AWM Pitch Party Entry by DemonGemini6 Rivershire by Azzedar-san


Copyright Information

Art found in my gallery are Anjellyjoy. No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission of the owner.

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New job, College and Stuff...

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 26, 2014, 2:56 AM
5Panels l tumblr l society6 l Redbubble l Note Me

it's been a while again so I thought some status update would be nice.

First of all I would like to thank you for all the new favs, comments and watches I got recently considering my inactivity. I'm really flattered by the trust you put into me, thank you! *////*

Well I got an art job from the Kiloo company (might be familiar from the Subway Surfers app). No, not video games, it is a new project they just started, an e-book kids' tale series of Andersen, read by famous British actors/actresses with cooperation of the Unicef (1/3 of the income goes to them, wow). The studio and the website is not up yet but this branch will be called Giving Tales. I will talk about it later. I won't be able to share anything until it's done and it occupies majority of my free time for now, that's why I'm so passive online. Some changes will be in June when I hopefully get some time at the weekends? (not sure yet).

Another thing is my college degree. I've been working on it since 2013 November and now I submitted it. Waiting and studying for the final exams (in June again).

I'm a bit "fragmented" recently, concentrating too many things at the same time so I'm tired by the end of the days. With the new, awesome intuos 4 I was lent, there is a new problem too (or it was just too much work but it doesn't seem "too much" for me really) but somehow just in a few days it strained my shoulder and wrist (it shoudln't be carpal tunnel or what but it's in constant pain anyway) but I try to give it a rest so another reason why I don't answer lately. Sorry. =(

There is one thing I still try to keep up with but can't really, it's the 1000 sketches challange. It is to push myself to work on my story harder (studies and story related art counts) and there is a reward in the end (a laptop). You can follow the progress on tumblr, here, if you are  interested. I'm at 278 at the moment but I'm gonna update later today with a few more I got lately.

Things will be probably the same until the end of June but I let you know when there is a change. Thank you for your patience.:hug:

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows
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My Society6 prints: Free Shipping and 5$ off

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2014, 6:01 AM
Facebook l tumblr l 5 Panels

Some of my works are available on Society6 as art prints, canvases, iPhone cases and skins , I even have a throw pillow and wall clock . :D

 Dream Ritual - coloured by PagodaComics  Elemental Dragon - FIRE by PagodaComics  Call of The Dragon 01 by PagodaComics  Token of Affection by PagodaComics  Pile by PagodaComics

If you were ever considering to buy prints from me it is the best time until March 9th 2014. =)

:bulletred:Click HERE to the link to active the discount (it doesn't work otherwise)

After I graduate in June I would like to create more designs for fun, I can't wait to have more freetime, it  will be SO AWESOME! :la:

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February Update (commission related and thank you)

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 17, 2014, 6:18 AM

Hello everybody,

for me it feels liek ages since my last journal, I'm still superbusy (nothing new in there).

I'd like to thank you for everybody for keeping up with me, and the patience because my answers takes longer than ever. Thank you for the favourites and new watches as well, despite me being a little inactive here. THANK YOU ALL! I do appreciate it. :hug:

Also thank you for all the people who commissioned me last time when I needed it the most, it was really a life-saver! :tighthug:
I'm kind of done now, the remaining piece needs some info yet from Gustyfoxy. And I also owe her to finish another, older piece, namely Spring from the Yukihime-season series, it is my next priority. When I'm done with this twp pictures I will consider to open commissions again but it depends on my circumstances as well. I applied to a studio, if they hire me it is possible that I won't have time for it.
Which would be really a pity because over and over I realize how much I enjoy these personal commissions, they are great fun, gives me variety on tasks and let me interact with nice people. It's really fun! So sooner or later I most likely open anyway. :D

Full commission LIST (finished)
  1. :iconmomorawrr: sketch - DONE
  2. :iconwhite-mantis:  sketch DONE
  3. :iconmelbourne-cha: sketch DONE
  4. :iconmelbourne-cha: cellshading colours DONE
  5. Manabu - sketch DONE
  6. :iconwhite-mantis:  sketch DONE
  7. :iconm-d-k-ii: lineart DONE
  8. :iconpimpypants: cellshading colours DONE
  9. :iconeelayne: sketch DONE
  10. :iconbrossuno: lineart DONE
  11. :iconskandron: sketch DONE
  12. :icongustyfoxy: need details yet

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January Update

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 9, 2014, 9:21 AM

Well I'm back to buissness again. Nope, I didn't get my comic down in the end and I have to put it aside again for my sorrow. =(
But I did get to meet some friends during the holidays and for ONCE I did have 2-3 days complete OFF, away from the net and any kind of worries. God, it felt awesome! *__*

Btw, is there anybody out there who is excited about the Sherlock series, the BBC one? I started to watch it a month ago but man, I'm really head over heels for it - the story, the conversations the characters and actors - even the side characters - are all AMAZING. :heart:

Anyway, here is my current commission list, I'm going to keep this updated. =)

  1. :iconmomorawrr: sketch - DONE
  2. :iconwhite-mantis:  sketch DONE
  3. :iconmelbourne-cha: sketch DONE
  4. :iconmelbourne-cha: cellshading colours DONE
  5. Manabu - sketch DONE
  6. :iconwhite-mantis:  sketch DONE
  7. :iconm-d-k-ii: lineart DONE
  8. :iconpimpypants: cellshading colours DONE
  9. :iconeelayne: sketch DONE
  10. :iconbrossuno: lineart DONE
  11. :iconskandron: sketch DONE
  12. :icongustyfoxy: need details yet

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Happy Holidays

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 23, 2013, 2:09 PM
Hey there, =)

originally I wished to say this in comic form but I seem to be late with my comics lately (sadly they have a shamefully low status in my priority list right now u_u).

Now first of all let me thank to that anonymus person who bought me a year of Premium Membership on DA - thank you very much!!!! *////*
I really like using thumbs and journal skins so I do really appreciate it! Thank you! X3 :heart:

I just want to say that I will be less active (in communication) but I guess it is only natural at this time of the year. (I just really wish if Christmas would be about being in PEACE with the ones you love instead of more obligatories and business, meh).

The commissions are put on hold until the holidays are over because I will be really occupied, I'm sorry.

But my hard work paid of because I made a good progress on my graduation work (Japanese translation) which allows me to deal with more personal things soon - hopefully. Like working on my own comics some more (yaaaaaay!). I have 6 pages done of 10 of the Christmas comic I was planning since November, I'm just sooo impatient to share it, yet I have to suppress the urge and keep it for myself until it's done, not to spoil the party. >,<

Anyway, for Christmas, I really wish everybody a cozy time at a warm home in the company of loving people! Hug 

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Commission Discount (CLOSED)

Fri Nov 15, 2013, 1:17 PM
***UPDATE 2***
Thank you very much for everybody! I'm really happy about all the fun tasks I got from all of you! :hug:
There are a few more people who already contacted me just haven't paid yet, they will be added to the list in the order of the payment.
And I am working on the pictures bit by bit but I'm doing multitasking on the max so I ask for your patience. Thank you very much! =)

Now commissions are closed for an uncertain of time. It depends on many things when or IF I open it again (like possible full time job). And first of all I just finish these ones anyway. ^^

Thank you again, it was really a GREAT help when I needed it the most! ='3

***UPDATE 1***

After this session is closed I will close commissions completely for an uncertain time. First of all time is needed to finish the ones I accepted, but also I will need to concentrate on other things for a while.
Thank you for everybody who support me with commissions, nice words or in any other way! I do really appreciate it! :hug:


:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:The offer is aviable between Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Hello there, just as I've promised, here are the details now. ^^
There are some special rules and circumstances for this one to make the process smoother and faster.
Note: I won't take up new "normal" commissions until I've finished these ones but the ones I've already taken I will keep working on of course. ^^

Special rules for this offer
  • no background (only something really simple)
  • 2 characters maximum
  • only sketch, lineart and digital cellshading colouring are aviable
  • first paid first: who pays the amount first will get their picture done first (usually I work on pictures simultantly)
  • no characters without visual reference for this (sorry, that's a lot of extra work)
  • I'm open for special formats (postcard, bookmarks)

:bulletblue: S K E T C H
    15USD (Extra character: +3USD)

  COM - Kuro 'n' Nae by PagodaComics   COM - Nuitgang by PagodaComics

:bulletblue: L I N E A R T
    25-50USD (Extra character: +5USD)

++It should be easy...++ by PagodaComics COM - Ame no Uzume (wip) by PagodaComics Pile by PagodaComics

:bulletblue: C O L O U R F U L (digital, cellshading only; sorry I didn't have examples where I have characters alone)
    40-70USD (Extra character: +8USD)

COM - Yukihime Wallpaper by PagodaComics Benzaiten - Goddess of Love by PagodaComics

:bulletorange: OFFER
  • Doing any type of characters with reference, FANDOM characters and ORIGINALS as well
  • Drawing emotions, characterinteraction, dynamic poses (not just generic expression or stances)
  • Doing homosexual characters (aka yuri/yaoi) as long as it is tasteful and tame
  • Doing tasteful nudes
  • Giving you the high resolution file

:bulletorange:WON'T DO
  • Deadlines: I can't promise. But I always do my best and keep you updated.
  • Anything outside DA rules (porn, offensive ect)
  • Anything against my taste or principles, but you can always try me, I'm friendly and won't bite as long as you are polite as well. = )

Basically I'm open about requests of style (manga, cartoony, semi-realistic, ukiyo-e ect) and themes (action, romance, humour ect), see my gallery for further reference. =)

Paypal only~

Note me or mail me on if you're interested

  1. :iconmomorawrr: sketch - DONE
  2. :iconwhite-mantis:  sketch DONE
  3. :iconmelbourne-cha: sketch DONE
  4. :iconmelbourne-cha: cellshading colours (work in progress)
  5. Manabu - sketch DONE
  6. :iconwhite-mantis:  sketch DONE
  7. :iconm-d-k-ii: lineart DONE
  8. :iconpimpypants: cellshading DONE
  9. :iconeelayne: sketch DONE
  10. :iconskandron: sketch DONE
  11.  :iconbrossuno: cellsahding DONE
  12. :icongustyfoxy: under discussion

Thank you for supporting me! =)

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Hey there =)
I hate to complain so I won't, but it IS a really rough time for me and I have to raise funds and do it REAL quick to make a living. So I decided to announce this limited offer before Christmas. I have to write out the details because it has some special rules, I will release a journal about it on the 15th. Hope you'll like it. ^^

20-25% DISCOUNT for COMMISSIONS :dummy:
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:The offer is aviable between Nov 15th - Dec. 15th:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Daily life rambling
I study 1,5-2 hours in the morning to get my Japanese/Buddhist college degree, I work with my dad around the house until noon,then try to work on pictures, fetch my son in the afternoon, study with him, play with him, watch movie (or read to him),  and work on pictures in the evenings. Meanwhile do the housework (I'm horribly lazy though XD; ), do extra errands every now and then and shopping ect. Yeah, living the life of an avarage housewife, I guess. XD;
Dunno how some standalone mothers do that when they have a full-time job even, they must have a time-machine or sth. <_<
Anyway please forgive me that I spend little time on DA (and on the net in general). But I do appreciate a lot all the lovely comments, favs and all the support! ^^
I'll try to catch up once this crazy period will sooth down somewhat. :)


Yukihime series for :icongustyfoxy:

  • Spring :star: :star: :star-half: w.i.p

  • Summer :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty:

  • Fall :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty:

Uzume no Mikoto series for Christopher LaHaise

  • image 3 :star: :star: :star-empty: w.i.p

Shinnosuke Yamagami for :iconm-d-k-ii: :star::star::star-empty: w.i.p

5Panels Christmas special comic anthology
cobayanigiri's page colourings: 1/7 w.i.p

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