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I finally started to do the answers on Kikka's questions here: :D
Ask Me - Kikka by PagodaComics


Journal Entry: Fri Aug 12, 2016, 8:52 AM

I'd just like to tell that I'm away, the reasons and that for a while it seems it's going to be like this.
It's been going for years now, I know. I check DA then I don't answer for days, weeks, months. I rarely post art too.
But there are some friends I have here and I feel sorry for not being able to talk to them more often, or catch up with their arts, so at least I wanted to let them know why. And for anybody else who is interested in the person behind the art too. =)

It's basically just not enough time. Working in 8 hours, having family and closest friends takes most of my time... The rest is for creating stories (yepp, I'm doing it, slowly but surely, so it's not like I'm quitting or anything, quite the opposite). I'm refining plots, filling up holes, doing scripts, forming new plans, and making some comics, too. I'm just very very slow and I don't feel like showing work in progress stuff, it would spoil the party. ;P

Then there was the death of my father. He had passed in May, following my mother, who followed my sister. I hope this stops here and the rest of my family remains, a bit longer anyway. *sarcastic smile*
No, I mean it, it's been quite... upsetting to see people who you care for crumble and give up around you. Whether they do it to themselves or just let faith do it for them... It's hard to see and know you can't do a thing, you are just not enough to anchor them to this life.
You get used to it though and learn to endure. It's just always going to be... painful.
Anyway, I'm getting off-topic now. I guess all I wanted to say about this part that I think there is not much out in life - only what YOU put into it. And you can always decide if you want to do more about it, strive harder, set goals, find yourself a reason to live another day, or just give up and loose yourself. People might try to help you, but they won't - can't - do it in your place. And even if you failed - and always have been, like me - you can decide to stand up again, or just give up. And that's just it. I don't think there is an objective reason for people to live. You just live. And find a reason for yourself, find out what you like, what you think you could add to the world. I say cause it used to be grey and uninteresting for me too. Before I started to realize there ARE things worthy to go for and experience them. There ARE good people to meet, nice places to go to, things to achieve and all. And I used to think I have no power over my life. Until I tried and turned out I do. So before you give up cause you think you are powerless, you might wanna try out if you REALLY are, decide things for your own, fail and learn from it, do better next time. That's what i think anyway.

You have the right to decide to quite though. But for gods' sake, before you give in, try to SEE. Be honest to yourself and look around. What have you been doing? Is there anything you can change? Shouldn't you rather leave a place altogether and try your luck eslewhere? Give up bad relationships, learn from past mistakes? Might be worth to give a try before you do your "last resort", huh? Ah, I'm getting angry now... Didn't intent to be emotional, hehe. But I'm just like that.

Back to the matter.
So altogether, for now I'm too busy with living my life. I keep drawing of course, it's just that things are coming together slowly so there is too little to show. I will let you know when it changes - or you will notice. =)

You can see some sketches, wips posted on tumblr now
But even there it's more rare than it used to be. Because of the comics. Here is little sample of what I'm working on at the moment.

Everybody, cheer up and enjoy the summer (winter - depending where you live). :D


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As a professional I work for a company, making a kids' app. =)

This gallery shows my commission and other, non work related arts. I mainly do comics and illustrations of those. I have passion for stories since I was a kid. I hope to bring them into comics for my own entertainment and then share it with others. ^^


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The photographs are totaly mine, taken with my camera.
Sorry for the misanderstanding.
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